An Ideal Experience of Art & Design

A Company of Wolves is a creative collegium that constitutes its aesthetical basis through its members, who develop their personal projects or work on a collaborative basis.

The artists involved act as a symbol to represent the canis lupus migrations & travels throughout each territory across the globe. A visual field of tracks / wolf-line collectively & individually. We’ve created a dialogue with the historical + mythical battle of the wolf. The fear & pride; the monster in your view-finder, did our imagination create it, questions of if it was/is/continues an illusory matrix. The epic odyssey of our dear protagonist-villain polarity.

SMP (supplemental material pack)
— 8 in x 8 in / 20 cm x 20 cm
— 4-10 prints on high gloss / matte - 2 Front & Rear id / theme prints
— Separated by a transparency or trace paper.
— 1 print size page with combined identity logo, copyright, artist info etc.
— Bespoke wrapping using traditional papers, secure and sturdy.
i — The pack - traces the contours of the desert and sutures 77-colored tribes with the call | a bleeding coagulation of lupine |aesthetic-prosthesis| lunacy that transcends bio-political genealogies.

ii — To become wolf is to || follow distinct trajectories but entangled lines | to move a pas de loup is to arrive timelessly | to track imperceptibly, to be in the co. of a pack-, several + | at the same time, remain a singularity.

iii — A w( )lf pack is a black hole singularity. H( )les are not the absence of particles but a milieu of particles traveling faster than the speed of light.
Concrete / A Company of Wolves is a curated conflux of art and design pieces showcasing a multitude of artists and designers on a transnational and transcultural stage. Our shared value is familial—a mystical blood-tie that traverses the veins and stains the flesh of our collective. Our call, and our calling, is a triangulation of online exhibition, print-publication transmission, and archival collection for a diverse ecology of audience, from general public to professionals to collectors. We hope to guide our pack network in a direction that expands our hunting territories to new and rich unexplored terrains and niches in art & design that bisect traditional hierarchical boundaries.

Abstract / A Company of Wolves is a continuous flux of art/ist/s and design/er/s, echoing the howl of dynami(te/c) creativity under the full moon of (sist + broth)erhood bound by blood. We are of |one| pack, yet each of us is several and solitary in our artistic pursuits. We are the stage for wolves in (X)-skins to showcase the voracious versatility of brands in our community. A Company of Wolves is the togetherness of α, ß, and Ω roles of the wolf-pack—we rally, we promote, and we bear the stress of those who share our bond. The pack is not bound by the constraints of genealogical lines, cultural ties, and geographical boundaries.